Transboundary water management in urban areas
of Gorizia and Nova Gorica

State of the art
Expected Results
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Activity 1.1. Project coordination and monitoring its progress (LP-JTS)

Coordination of the project with particular reference to workpackages and their objectives: establishing a coordination of project activities; drafting of the project manual; coordination of collaboration between partners and checking the progress of the project and the deadlines of the different workpackages .

For the coordination of the project will be appointed a Project Manager (LP). Organization of general meetings to coordinate the common work on the project and moderation of design workshops.

Documentation of project results and reporting integrals for midterm. Summary of three years of interdisciplinary work by a large group of experts of different profiles in the management of the waterways in the two countries. Implementation of the final report with the description of the project activities and results.


Activity 1.2. Financial coordination (LP-JTS)

Production of a transparent and efficient for the control of resources in terms of time, actions, work packages, partners regarding the project. For the financial coordination of the project will appoint a Financial Manager (LP). Financial status report in general meetings. Joint preparation of financial reports for the midterm and the final financial report together.


Activity 1.3. communication with partners (LP-PP)

Report on the implementation of the activities in progress (reports) by each partner for the midterm (2 inspections per year), which will form the basis for the preparation of joint reports of the project for each mid-term and for the preparation of the final report joint. Reports on the use of resources for each intermediate verification by each partner. Participation in general meetings. The individual reports of each partner are the basis for the preparation of financial reports for each joint mid-term review and the preparation of the final financial report together.


Testo originale

Coordinamento del progetto con particolare riguardo ai workpackages e ai loro obiettivi: creazione di una struttura di coordinamento delle attivitą progettuali; stesura del manuale di progetto; coordinamento delle attivitą di collaborazione tra partner e verifica dello stato di avanzamento del progetto e relative scadenze dei diversi workpackages.