Transboundary water management in urban areas
of Gorizia and Nova Gorica

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The general objective of the project is to propose guidelines for the development of a common integrated system for the sustainable management of transboundary waters: surface and underground water, Gorizia and Nova Gorica.
these guidelines will have as its purpose the protection and joint management these waters, their quality improvement, their protection with regard to biodiversity, their use for energy purposes, as well as the prevention of joint natural and technological risks associated with them for the creation of a joint sustainable territorial development. All this in the light of the participation of citizens, administrations and public enterprises operating in the border area. This general objective draws specific objective "Ensure sustainable territorial integration" referred to by the Priority Axis 1 "Environment, Transport and Sustainable Territorial Integration", whose operational objectives of interest to this project are: a) Protecting biodiversity and ensure the sustainable management of natural resources, b) Protecting the environment against natural and technological risks and pollution, decrease energy consumption and increase the use of renewable energy sources; c) Strengthening territorial cohesion to ' internal cross functional areas.
operational objectives of this project will be developed in the following actions: a) Guidelines for the development of strategies and joint plans for the prevention and reduction of the risk of flooding, and for the development of joint intervention in emergency situations, b) Development of methodologies and measures to tackle the surface waters of the catchment areas of the Horn and Vertojbica and groundwater in the aquifer Vrtojba by which we will evaluate the weaknesses and the best strategies to overcome them in to obtain their good quality and a better protection in line with the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC). The methods develop systems to reduce emissions of pollutants, the effect of which will cover transboundary waters in question and have a positive impact on the environmental quality of the site SIC IT3330005 "Isonzo Delta c) Development of strategies and plans for joint use groundwater Vrtojba in order to reduce energy consumption in private homes, public buildings and industries in the area; d) Guidelines for the development of strategies for the reuse of treated wastewater and exploitation agronomic and energy of sewage sludge. been completed and optimized sewerage and wastewater reuse for irrigation and industry would be a great opportunity to protection of water resources for drinking purposes. Moreover, these waters could feed streams to drought and with a series of works by naturalization, would contribute to an improvement of their environmental quality e) Development of guidelines for a common system of integrated management of transboundary waters involving the participation of politicians, users and population f) Implementation an information campaign on the problems and solutions relating to transboundary waters in areas of interest.